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Stephen Kron

Professor, Cell & Molecular Biology, Committee on Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology, Committee on Cancer Biology


B.A., Biochemistry University of Pennsylvania, 1982

M.S.E, Bioengineering University of Pennsylvania, 1983

M.D.-Ph.D., Cell Biology Stanford University, 1990

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924 E. 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
JFK R320
Phone: (773) 834-0250
Fax: (773) 702-4394

924 E. 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
JFK R322
Phone: (773) 834-0256

Stephen J Kron

Research Summary / Selected Publications

The Kron laboratory is a highly collaborative group of cell biologists, geneticists, biochemists, computer scientists and chemists. Our major basic research efforts are directed at 1) defining roles for chromatin dynamics in DNA damage response, and 2) developing novel mass spectrometry methods for phosphoproteomics and epiproteomics. We also pursue translational projects directed at 1) developing Bcr-Abl assays for diagnostics and antagonists for therapeutics and 2) discovering inhibitors of cellular response to DNA double strand breaks as an approach to radiosensitization. Post-doc inquiries are welcome! Please contact Dr. Kron at

C.C. Nnakwe, M. Altaf, J. Côté and S.J. Kron, "Dissection of Rad9 BRCT domain function in the mitotic checkpoint response to telomere uncapping," DNA Repair, published online, 2009  PubMed

B.T.D. Tobe, A.A. Kitazono, J.K. Suen, R.A. Gerber, B.J. Bevis, J. Choy, D. Chasman and S.J. Kron, "Morphogenesis signaling components influence cell cycle regulation by cyclin dependent kinase," Cell Division, published online, 2009  PubMed

S.L. Volchenboum, K. Kristjansdottir, D. Wolfgeher, and S.J. Kron, "Rapid validation of Mascot search results via stable isotope labeling, pair picking, and deconvolution of fragmentation patterns," Mol. Cell. Proteomics, 8:2011-22, 2009  PubMed

K. Kristjansdottir, D. Wolfgeher, N. Lucius, D.S. Angulo and S.J. Kron, "Phosphoprotein profiling by PA-GeLC-MS/MS," J. Proteome Res., 7:2812-2824, 2008  PubMed

O.A. Ulanovskaya, J. Janjic, M. Suzuki, S.S. Sabharwal, P.T. Schumacker, S.J. Kron and S.A. Kozmin, "Chemical synthesis enables identification of cytochrome bc1 complex as the cellular target of Leucascandrolide A and Neopeltolide," Nature Chem. Biol., 4:418-24, 2008  PubMed